We're Hiring

December 6, 2021


To apply send your CV and cover letter to info@squamishwindsports.com


The Squamish Windsport Society (SWS) is looking for an Operations Manager. The Operations Manager (“OM”) is responsible for the management and operation of the wind sports facility at the Squamish Spit, as directed by the SWS Board of Directors. The OM must be a self-starter, who can organize the job, gather the skills and resources they need, and be ready to deal with anything that will make the SWS operations safe and enjoyable for its members.  The SWS windsports operation season is from May 15th until Sept 15th each year. The OM normally will be full-time from May 1st to Sept 30th. 

This includes but is not limited to:

  • This is a full-time position during the SWS windsports operating season and a part-time position for the remainder of the year. There is also a startup and shutdown period before and after the season.
    Working with the Board to develop and implement policies, procedures and rules for staff, members, and the public at large
  • Site management at the Spit. This would include maintaining the grounds, equipment and structures, as well as the administration of the day-to-day operations.
  • Human resources management. This would include producing job descriptions and hiring for all positions, job orientation for new employees, and creating and maintaining a staff schedule. 

Compensation will be based on experience and determined by the SWS board. 


To apply send your CV and cover letter to info@squamishwindsports.com