Please be courteous and respect the safety of other users by following the guidelines below. Use these facilities and the site at your own risk.


  1. All participants must buy a season membership or pay a day use fee (see site attendant).
  2. Be aware of people landing and launching kites. Assist whenever possible.
  3. Keep walkways and the launch/land zone clear.
  4. Use the following hand signals to communicate when launching or landing:



  1. Pump up your kite in the rigging zone.
  2. When you are dressed and ready to launch, move your kite to a vacant launching spot and rig your lines.
  3. When safe, launch immediately.

NOTE: unattended kites will be deflated and lines wrapped up by SWS staff.


  1. Be respectful, pay attention, and obey the following right-of-way guidelines:
    • Avoid collisions at all costs.
    • Keep out of the way of riders in the water.
    • Avoid novice riders, kite school boats, and freighters or tugs.
    • Boards on Port Tack (left hand forward) give way to boards on Starboard Tack (right hand forward).
    • When two boards are on the same tack the upwind board must keep clear of the downwind board.  
  2. Do not kite near the launch/land zone unless you are launching or landing.
  3. Always look around or shoulder check before turning or jumping, and make sure the downwind area is clear.
  4. Notify SWS staff if someone needs help.


  1. If the launch/land zone is crowded please head out and come back to land when clear.
  2. Indicate that you want to land your kite with a head pat. If necessary, call out for assistance.
  3. Wrap up your lines immediately upon landing.
  4. Move your kite to the rigging zone, deflate it, and store it in the equipment zone.