Who We Are:

The Squamish Windsports Society (SWS) is a non-profit society, registered in 1988 in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. The SWS was created to secure access to the southern tip of the Squamish River training dyke (The Spit) for recreational windsurfers. Today the SWS hosts windsurfers, kite sailors, spectators and others. Dyke access is conditional on the SWS holding liability insurance to indemnify the Crown and District of Squamish. Without this indemnification access would be terminated. The Society employs up to three on-site staff from May to September to run retrieval boat services, and maintain on-site facilities. The SWS directors oversee SWS policies and finances and liaise with the local community and various levels of government. The SWS sits on the intergovernmental regulatory body, the Squamish Estuary Management Committee, to ensure that recreational interests are heard when policies are determined for the estuary in which the dyke is situated.

Board Positions:


The President is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the organization by working with the Board and operations management to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies. They also work to plan, develop, organize, implement, direct and evaluate the organization's fiscal function and performance.

Vice President:

The Vice President’s role is to serve as second in charge if the President is unavailable or is no longer serving in that role the VP will take over the Presidents responsibilities. Otherwise, the VP’s role is very similar to the President as a supporting member.


This role is to oversee and manage all finances relating to the SWS. Key duties include setting the budget, coordinating with the bookkeeper, reviewing monthly statements, reviewing salaries and wages, etc.


Read and understand the society bylaws and ensure that the SWS’s operations comply with the bylaws. 

Community Relations:

Liaising with community groups, various levels of government, and environmentalists in this is a very community-facing role.  As a representative of the SWS at many events, this position is the crucial connection between the Board of Directors, members, and the community.  Finding solutions that are wins for everyone and participating in the planning of future projects are keys to this role.


The Operations Manager (“OM”) is responsible for the management and operation of the wind sports facility at the Squamish Spit (“the Spit”), as directed by the SWS Board of Directors (“the Board”).  This would include:

  • Working with the Board to develop and implement policies, procedures and rules (the “Operating Policies”)
  • Administration of SWS activities at the Spit
  • Site management at the Spit
  • Human resources management


Communications with the members as well as the general public via our website, social media channels and newsletters. The goal of the communications director is to ensure that the members are aware and engaged in what is happening with the SWS and the Spit to ensure safe access while everyone is enjoying their sport. 


Director of Legal generally helps provide input for the Board on how various relationships and agreements could affect SWS’s operations. They help review the SWS’s sublease with the District of Squamish and the sub-sub-leases with other stakeholders. They are also tasked with assisting the general review of other engagements which could affect the SWS, such as insurance policies, waivers, etc. 

Strategic Planning and Vision:

As a newly created position, Strategic Planning and Vision would generally have the responsibility of understanding existing problems and needs of wind enthusiasts, operators and spectators and provide ideas in line with the SWS board’s direction for improved future facilities. The position can also include design consultancy for landscape, graphic, signage and advertising needs

Fundraising and Grant Writing:

Directors of fundraising and grant writing are tasked with finding alternative sources of income for the society in the form of federal, provincial, district, or organizational grants that are aimed at contributing to the growth of Windsports within the community. The role also includes creating fundraising opportunities, such as events and merchandise, that will contribute to the day to day operations of the society. 


Creating, planning, and producing special events for the society. Also approving demos and other special events brought forward to the SWS by other members and companies.