What is the season for Squamish?

The wind is good from May through September. In July and August you can expect 100% windy days.

How much wind can I expect?

A typical Squamish day has steady wind from midday until evening usually between 18 and 24 knots. Windsurfers rig 6.0 to 8.0 sails. Kiteboarders rig 9m kites. The water is flat (no waves).

Do I need a wetsuit?

Absolutely. Most of us wear a 4/3 or 5/3 wetsuit at the spit. The water is snow melt from the mountains and never warms up much. Even when the air is warm you need to prepare for the possibly of being in the water a while.

Can I rent gear?

Squamish Watersports offers lessons for all levels and also rent gears https://www.squamishwatersports.com/kiteboarding/

Is there a fee?

Yes. The spit is staffed and provides various services like retrieval if you have a mishap on the water. There is a day fee. Most of us buy a season membership for the season.

Can anyone launch at the spit?

If you are a competent windsurfer or kiteboarder you are welcome. Beginners are also welcome but they must be able to self rescue and safely wind up their lines for retrieval assistance.

Is the spit beginner friendly?

We welcome independent beginners who are able to stay upwind, ride amongst others and complete a self-rescue in deep water. If one isn't confident in their abilities, lessons and refresher courses are available from Squamish water sports.

What is the retrieval service?

The staff have sea-doos with rescue sleds attached and they try to assist anyone in trouble on the water. Nobody should count on this retrieval service as they may be busy or may not see you. Beginners who cannot stay upwind should not expect repeated shuttle service. That sort of assistance is the job of the kite schools for their students.

Is it crowded?

There is little problem on weekdays. On summer weekends it can be busy on the spit itself, but experienced kiteboarders who efficiently lay out their lines and launch have no problem. And there is always plenty of room on the water for everyone.. unless you want to go right where other people are.

How do I launch and land my kite?

If you are new, ask the staff how we do things. There is always someone to launch or land your kite. It is very friendly and cooperative on the spit. Remember to always wind up your lines after landing your kite.

What about the estuary?

North of our windsports area is a large wildlife management area that is a sensitive natural habitat. Please keep away and respect the wildlife there. Ask the staff or check the map for the boundaries.

Where can I have my gear repaired ?

Comox Kite Repair (https://comoxkiterepair.ca) They are on Vancouver Island but you can send your gear for a reasonable price usually. Squamish Watersports (https://www.squamishwatersports.com/gear-rentals-repair)