Very Busy On The Water This Weekend July 5/6

July 3, 2014


Just a heads up.......

The Squamish Yacht Club will be hosting the BC Youth Sailing Championships this weekend. There will be about 75 boats on the water racing on 3 race courses. One course will be very near the spit.

Most of these youth sailors will be quite experienced and know the to keep your distance. Racing dinghies can get out of control and capsize quickly without warning, especially in gusty winds. 

The kids have all worked hard to get to the provincial championships. Please give these youth sailors room to race without interference whenever possible.

There will be a starting area near the terminal. That would be an area to avoid. Most boats will start on Starboard tack, heading away from the spit, so it should not be a big problem. If you see a whole group of boats aiming towards you, they have probably just started a race. Try and take evasive action early. 

As they head to windward they will start tacking and spreading out. Their windward mark will be about 1.5 Nautical Miles to weather, past where the kite racing weather mark usually is, and will be a crowded area also. This would also be an area to avoid, although not many kiters tend to go that far upwind anyway.

Have a good weekend and be safe.