SWS signs new 5 year lease at the spit

May 13, 2014


The SWS has negotiated a new lease agreement with the district of Squamish. This took a lot of work over many months and was never a sure thing. Several layers of government were involved.

This was a coordinated effort by all the Board, so thanks to all for your assistance with the multiple drafts that were exchanged with the District! Many thanks also to the District of Squamish who were extremely helpful and cooperative throughout the negotiation process.

Overnight camping is still prohibited. Paving the road also looks extremely unlikely.

Our next effort will be to engage the Squamish Estuary Management Committee on a number of issues, including lengthening the windsport season from May 1 to September 30. We have already started that process. Any fundamental changes to the basic agreements will have to be negotiated with that group. Camping and road improvements can definetely be raised during that process, although I can predict that some of the other stakeholders will be opposed.

SWS Sublicense and Management Agreement 2014