Squamish Windsports Society Shuttle Boat Update

May 23, 2023


(Revised on: May 24, 2023)

Squamish Windsports Society Shuttle Boat Update 

You may have noticed that the Spit Road is now open, but we are not yet running shuttles from the Spit. With the road now ending in the conservation area of the Wildlife Management Area (WMA), there is a review of our operating procedures to determine if our motorized boat will be permitted to operate within the WMA. We are working with the Squamish Nation, District of Squamish and Province to keep that access open to windsports users and other recreationalists, and we respect the process to make that determination. In the meantime, we are very grateful to Squamish Watersports for generously offering their dock for the first two weekends of the season as well as extra shuttles. And now we have a new temporary shuttle point leaving from downtown Squamish.

Interim Downtown shuttle launch from Mamquam Beach in the Blind Channel.

Thanks to the District of Squamish and Matthews West, which is building the Oceanfront Squamish and new Windsports beach set to open in 2024. We have permission to use the small parking on Galbraith Road with easy walking access to Mamquam Beach in the Blind Channel.

Parking is limited to 25-30 vehicles and there is no additional street parking in the vicinity due to ongoing construction vehicles on the access road. Please carpool if you can. For overflow parking, please drop your gear off, then park in the south end of downtown in the Vancouver St and Cleveland area and make the walk back along the designated walking path.  

Matthews West is doing their best to accommodate our access. Please respect the rules around parking only in the parking lot, and walking on designated walking paths, not the main road. Please be courteous to workers and respectful to other members of the public who come to enjoy the beaches. If our behavior impacts their ability to work, access will be closed.

The shuttle ride


Overview - Where to Park



Instructions to the Parking Lot on Galbraith Road


  1. Take Logger’s Lane, and continue past the boat launch onto Galbraith Road.
  2. Galbraith curves to the right, and the gravel parking lot is approximately 300m on the right.
  3. Please do not park on the road as it is an active construction site. CARS PARKED ON THE ROAD WILL BE TOWED AT OWNER’S EXPENSE, AND ACCESS WILL BE SHUT DOWN FOR ALL. 
  4. For overflow, please drop your gear and park at the south end of downtown and make the walk back along the walking trail which starts at Cleveland and Vancouver St.


Walking Trail from Downtown parking to Cattermole Parking Lot


  1. If you must park downtown, please walk back along the walking trail which starts at Cleveland Ave and Vancouver St.
  2. This is one of the original Nexen walking paths and will bring you back to the Cattermole parking.
  3. Please walk on designated walking paths as the access roads are actively in use.


Walking to Mamquam Beach


  1. Once parked, exit the parking lot on the west side, heading towards Cattermole Beach.
  2. After ~10m, take the trail to the left, heading south to Mamquam Beach. This trail parallels the road (see map below).
  3. Please walk on the designated trail. Matthews West is actively building the Oceanfront, so please be respectful and ensure we do not interfere with their operations.
  4. When crossing the road to Mamquam Beach, please yield to all vehicles. The work trucks are big, and cannot stop as quickly as you may expect. Please be courteous and give them the right of way.


Overview - Shuttle


Shuttle Boat Schedule & Operations

So now for some good news - the shuttle ride is only ~5 mins from Mamquam Beach to the island. In order to maximize occupancy and keep fuel expenses in check (and membership costs low), the shuttle boat will run one hour on completing as many trips as possible, with 30 mins off schedule. To catch the shuttle arrive anytime during the scheduled hour of operation.

Last shuttle back to the mainland is 6pm. Staff are always on standby, but there are no operations on windless days. Check our website to make sure staff are on duty.

Shuttle Times

images-14.png      images-13.png


Thank you for your support!

It’s been a very challenging start to the season for access. But it’s been awesome to see everyone share their stoke on the water, and the community come together to make the most of what’s started out as an amazing wind season. We look forward to seeing you on the water!

~Squamish Windsports Society