Safe Landing and Launching at Low Tide

June 9, 2020


Low tide, when you are new to kiting at the Spit you look forward to the low tide happening during mid-day so you can get out and be able to launch from the sandbar and have lots of room. Then you get a bit better and want to land and launch from the Spit, maybe you don't want a muddy kite or maybe you don't want to have to walk your pump and bag back to the Spit. Whatever the reason, landing and launching from the Spit during low tide, when the sandbar is exposed, adds some different challenges. 

Over the past low tide, we have noticed a few incidents that can be avoided by choosing the right place to launch and land on the Spit during low tide.

The Northside of the Spit at low tide is very exposed with lots of sharp rocks. This is not a good place to launch from if your new to kiteboarding or just find the Spit a bit intimidating.

The Southend of the Spit is closer to the water and a much safer spot to launch from.

When you're looking for a place to land coming in just North of the safe launch zone is a good choice. There is more room and lots of people around to catch your kite quickly. Plus then you're not trying to land in the area where the majority of people might be trying to launch from. Remember to always choose your launch and land zones wisely to avoid accidents.