New Freighter Protocol

May 9, 2020


The Squamish Terminal is a very active shipping area. To ensure that there are no collisions between windsport users and the freighters we have updated the freighter policies that we will be enforcing this year. It is very important that when you go to get on the water you are aware if there is a freighter scheduled to come in that day. Check out the freighter schedule here. 

The key things to remember are when a freighter is on the move:

  • Watersport users move to the safe zones shown in purple below

  • 300m clearance of ship on all sides

  • The SWS will have a Jetski on the water with a horn and if you hear a blast you are too close to the freighter

  • Failure to maintain a safe distance from the freighter will result in a suspension of your membership¬†

And for those that prefer a visual here it is:

Here is the area that we kite in.


Here is the shipping lane.


Here is the area that is safe to kite when a freighter is moving.


Here are the expectations of windsport behaviour around freighters.