2017 Season Announcement

May 1, 2017


It's that time of the season again! (Click image to play video)

The Squamish Windsports Society is ecstatic to announce the
opening of the 2017 season on May 15th!



The SWS staff will be at The Spit on the weekend of May 6th / 7th @ 9am to roll out the carpets. We will decide which morning (Sat or Sun) to roll them out based on weather, favoring a day for better wind conditions in the afternoon.

This is not something we can do alone. We are calling for a minimum of 12 volunteers to help us. Everyone is welcome to help but we would like a core crew to pre-register via E-Mail. There will be food and drinks available for the registered helpers. Sturdy shoes and good gloves are advised.

Please email and specify your preferred day if applicable and the earliest time you can arrive:



To maximize your first session’s time on the water, please pre-register for your membership online. Note, Family and Student memberships are only available on-site at The Spit.


If you have a 2016 SWS Membership Key Tag please attach it to your kite bag NOW (no really, go attach it now with a zap-strap!) so we can re-use it for your 2017 membership.

Remember, Check-In is mandatory for all sailors every visit.




Any kites left unattended in the Active area will be deflated and removed by staff! Leaving your kite in the Active area is discourteous to other members and is a major safety issue. This task is quite a burden on staff, drawing our attention away from monitoring sailors on the water. Please help out by Deflating your kite& Educating others.

Here is a short list of reminders for sailing at The Spit.

  • Windsurfers have priority over kites on the beach. Please make clear paths for their gear and assist when appropriate.

  • The lower half of your wet-suit must be on before pumping a kite and fully on WITH harness before moving to the Active Area.

  • There should be no kites in the Active area unless you are IMMEDIATELY rigging your lines and launching. If the active area looks empty this is not an invitation for you to take extra time rigging.

  • Inflated kites can be temporarily stored in the staging area. On a busy day this is a 5 minute maximum storage area for gear change or adjustments. If this area becomes overloaded please deflate your kite.

  • Make sure that your gear is weighted down with sandbags.

  • Once landed in the Active Area, wrap up your lines and move your kite immediately to the staging area.

  • Do not rig your lines over someone else’s - be patient and follow the current beach layout posted at the staff bunker.

  • Do not sail in the estuary - this is a Wildlife Management Area and is out of bounds to all sailors.

  • Retrievals are not guaranteed! Be aware that the further you ride away from the Spit, the harder it is for staff to see you.

  • Ask a staff member or someone you trust to launch and land your kite.

  • Extra gear can be stored on the West (river) side of the board walk.

  • Ensure that you know how to properly self-rescue so that staff can safely retrieve you if you get into trouble. If you are unsure how to do this then you need to finish your lesson program with an SWS approved school. For windsurfers, please listen to staff directions during a retrieval.


    2017 Intermediate/Advanced Clinics with Pro Rider Sam Medysky

    1st Clinic Saturday May 20, 2017, 1pm—4pm, $50

    Sign up to register

    The SWS would like to announce Pro rider Sam Medysky intermediate/advanced kiteboarding clinics. Sam will run a number of clinics this season including ladies only sessions. The SWS is dedicated to the promotion of the sport and continued support for our members. The clinic will hold a max. of 4 riders for approximately 3 hours.


    Volunteers / Staff

    The SWS is always on the hunt for talented individuals who have spare time to assist with the non-profit society. We are currently seeking volunteer assistance with:

    - Web Development: PHP, MySQL, advanced server migration.

    If you have other skills or services you would be willing to provide to the SWS please do not hesitate to email.

    We are also watching the membership each year for those who show the skills and interest in becoming apart of the paid on-site staff. These positions always start as part-time/on call until skills can be assessed. This is a demanding job requiring a very specific skill set... If you feel you have what it takes, please send an email bio and up to date resume to info@squamishwindsports.com