Held at the world-renowned Squamish Spit, KiteClash is Canada’s largest kiteboarding competition. With more than 70 athletes, KiteClash attracts some of the biggest names in the sport. The 2018 event will take place July 6-8. This year we anticipate our largest crowd (1,000+ spectators). PARKING AND SHUTTLE INFORMATION The KiteClash event permit and safety plans stipulate access to The Spit at all times. In order to avoid congestion, we ask that you use one of the following shuttle options: The Backcountry – KiteClash shuttle Van will run between Backcountry Brewing and the spit all day Friday and Sunday (11-6) with pick up at Backcountry on the half hour. Park at Backcountry Brewing and keep your car out of the dust! This shuttle will also run on Saturday but will do an extra pick up downtown as part of Canada Day so the pickups will be hourly instead of half hour. The Vista vehicle will be doing hitch-hike style pick ups along the spit road. It will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10AM-7PM. Please Park North of the final yellow gate. Pick ups will come by about every 15 minutes. Kite gear is welcome as are competitors, SWS members, volunteers and spectators.